Almost Famous

The PBS program America’s Heartland has aired an episode about the Yolo Art and Agriculture program (It aired October 17 and October 21, 2012, on my local station, but the air dates might be different on your PBS affiliate.) It’s pretty cool that this program has received this kind of attention—and, according to the episode, it’s also been noticed by arts organizations around the country. I know I very much appreciate being able to go out to private property to paint with them, and then sharing the vistas and open space with people through my paintings.

I wasn’t there the day the film crew showed up, so they didn’t interview me. But I AM in it—very briefly! Toward the end, they show a couple of still photos. The artist in the gray jacket with her back to the camera is me. Don’t blink. You’ll miss me.

This is the painting I was working on the day Janice Purnell of Yolo Art & Ag snapped the photo PBS used.

Terra Firma Study ©2011 Stephanie Benedict oil 8 x 10 inches
Terra Firma Study ©2011 Stephanie Benedict oil 8 x 10 inches. I later did a larger version as well.